TUESDAY - 6.45pm - 7.45pm
(All Grades)

THURSDAY 7.30pm - 8.30pm
(Beginner to Purple/White Belts)

8.30pm - 9.30pm
(Brown Belt - Dan Grades)



8.30pm - 9.30pm



(West Fife Section)  

The Karate Youth Initiative  Reg. Charity No. SC039618





September 2014

The Karate Youth Initiative are delighted to announce the recent success for our students at the JKA East of Scotland Championships.

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August 2014

The Karate Youth Initiative is proud to announce further success at the recent International JKA Scotland Gasshuku held over the weekend 29th - 31st August 2014.

Two students namely Heather Johnston and Jodi Adamson passed Shodan to become the latest in a long list of students who have achieved their Black Belts with the Initiative.  These students have been training with the club for a number of years and their success is down to the girls hard work and continued support from their families and instructors.

The Karate Youth Initiative wishes to congratulate not only Heather and Jodi but all students who continue to train hard to achieve this high standard.

Pictured here with Jodi and Heather is Olivia Warnock who passed her black belt last year with the initiative and together form the Karate Youth Initiative Junior Girls Kata team.



The Karate Youth Initiative has returned to the home of Shotokan Karate in Dunfermline when it relocates to the Carnegie leisure Centre in Dunfermline.  Since 1977 it was where Sensei Gordon Williamson 5th DAN JKA learned the skills and disciplines associated with this art under Sensei Jim Wood MBE 6th DAN JKA.

Founded in 2005 this club set new boundaries for Karate in that all fees were paid for through fundraising and over the years won many awards for its services to Karate.  The club was awarded charity status in 2008 (SC039618) and still to this day continues to subsidise its students training needs.

Due to restructuring, the club was forced to move out of its permanent home at Dunfermline Police Station in March 2014 and into the Carnegie Leisure Centre where it is based today.

Classes for all students are only 2 per session and once registered and licensed (subsidised if required) all new students are supplied with a free karate suit.

If you think Karate is too expensive think again and come along to the Carnegie Leisure Centre and give our classes a try.

We pride ourselves on being able to supply the highest grade instructors in the area coupled with access to the best facilities.  There is also modern canteen facilities available for spectators.



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Join JKA Karate Do Shotokan Scotland Carnegie Dojo

Train karate as taught by the Japan Karate Association with the Karate Youth Initiative based at The Carnegie Dojo, Carnegie Leisure Centre, Dunfermline, which is affiliated to the JKA Karate Do Shotokan Scotland.  Become a member of the Japan Karate Association one of the most prestigious and largest karate organisations in the world founded in 1949 with its headquarters in Tokyo Japan and members in over 100 countries worldwide. JKA Karate Do Shotokan (Scotland) offers its members access to the following:

  • JKA Scottish National Courses with visiting JKA Honbu Dojo instructors
  • Worldwide recognised grades from internationally recognised JKA Dan Grading examiners
  • Regional association courses and kyu gradings
  • Squad training sessions and access to JKA Scotland Team selection for JKA World and European Championships events
  • Special Instructor courses for Dojo Instructors
  • Structured tuition and grading syllabus
  • Membership of JKA World Federation, JKA Europe and Scottish Karate Governing Body



Pictured together from left to right

Olivia Warnock, Jodi Adamson and Heather Johnston


Carnegie Dojo

Carnegie Leisure Centre

46 Pilmuir Street


KY12 0QE

Tel : 01383 602304


Sensei Gordon Williamson 5th DAN JKA